Elvis DAM Features

Digital Asset Management

In today’s creative and digital marketing world you need to create the right visuals fast. And whether it’s a unique product image, a banner ad for a new campaign or the latest product shots, it needs to be beautiful, on-brand and usable.

Elvis DAM helps you to create incredible assets, and enables creatives to collaborate more effectively. All files are stored in a single location, giving you maximum control over when and where assets are used. Being an open platform with unlimited scalability, Elvis DAM is an instant fit in any organization’s  technology landscape.

  • Before we implemented Elvis DAM we had no central library for all of our images, there was no system to manage our digital assets at all for that matter. Now, the workflows are much more efficient and the marketing team can do considerably more work in the same amount of time.

    Cheryl Reynolds, Vice President of IT at Drees Homes

Accelerate your creation process

Edit your layouts and images directly from Elvis DAM in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Elvis keeps track of all your file versions, while allowing you to collaborate more effectively.

  • Creative Cloud integration
  • Automated versioning
  • Collaborate on designs

  • The cataloging and managing of files is now much easier and faster. Our content is now highly available at all times. Elvis DAM has optimized our digital asset management.

    Erol Celikoers, IT Systems Manager Würth AG Switzerland

Simple and sophisticated file management

Finally you can find, organize and enrich all of your media files in one single place. Make sure that only the right people have access to the right files, with Elvis permissions.

  • Metadata support
  • Folders and collections
  • Control permissions

  • Elvis DAM enables us to organize and bring more structure to our vast asset collections, and to easily share these assets with others.

    Stacy Shulman, CIO at American Apparel

Share and distribute anywhere

Share your final materials with local offices, stores or colleagues using the self-servicing Elvis Brand portal, and allow them to download the file they need, on-demand.

  • Brand portal
  • On-the-fly renditions
  • Publish anywhere

  • The biggest benefit that Elvis has brought to Big Ass Solutions: Everyone is now aware of the assets, knows where to find them and how they can be used. With Elvis, our marketing content is more fresh, up-to-date and interesting.

    Alex Finley, Marketing Project Manager at Big Ass Solutions


Elvis DAM has the most modern technology stack on the market today. It’s infinitely scalable and its REST and Webhooks APIs enable any integration scenario, like with AI Image Recognition services as pictured above.

  • Elasticsearch powered
  • Scalable platform
  • API’s ensure fit in technology landscape
  • Single sign-on support
  • Enterprise grade security

  • We are using Elvis DAM on our server to Control All HUGE Digital Assets for governmental section.

    Abulkhair Hejazy, Creative Director at Arriyadh Development Authority


Elvis DAM can be deployed on-premise or within a private cloud.  SaaS versions and Managed Services are available.

Learn More About Deployment Options

Create, Manage and Distribute Your Digital Assets With Elvis DAM

With a best-in-class Adobe Creative Cloud integration, simple but sophisticated file management and easy sharing and distribution features, Elvis DAM helps you get a grip on your digital assets. Elvis scales up with your needs and is available as an On-premise, Private Cloud and Cloud solution.

Accelerate Your Creation Process


With a simple drag ‘n drop, adding your files and folders to Elvis DAM is a breeze.  Elvis has a unique upload feature that allows you to upload files and folders quickly. Drag ‘n drop your files and folders straight into your Elvis folder, and Elvis will create thumbnails, previews and extract your metadata.

This eliminates tedious and repetitive steps, and allows for quick upload and organization of files.

Creative Integration

The power of InDesign and Photoshop is now combined with easy to use file management.  Simply open an InDesign file straight from the Elvis DAM browser and start designing. With drag ‘n drop you can place your images directly on your layout. Start editing placed images while working on your layout, and Elvis will make sure your edits are saved and your images linked.

This is as smooth as it gets for any professional that wants to spend more time on being creative and less on repetitive tasks.

Automated Versioning

Never worry about saving your changes, Elvis DAM tracks your versions automatically.  While going through various stages of design work, it’s good to know that Elvis DAM keeps track of all the changes you make. Every time you close an InDesign file or edit an image, a new version is created and saved.

In this way Elvis helps you to keep track of the complete history of your design. You can download a specific version, compare differences or promote an earlier version you loved!

Collaborate On Designs

No need for emails or sharing tools, collaborate on designs-in-progress directly from Elvis DAM.  In the middle of the creation process, the opinion of a colleague or the approval of your customer is important. No matter the file size, with the one-click share feature, you can share your design in progress and have it approved, commented on or rated.

This makes collaboration faster, while keeping your design file, comments and approvals in one place.

With upload requests you can gather designs or images. Create an upload link, and your external designer or photographer can add their files. You will see the updates directly in your collection!

Integrates With Workflow and Publishing Tools

Elvis DAM integrates with workflow and project management tools through its REST APIs.  Elvis DAM integrates with Workfont, ProofHQ, Slac, and much more.  Its Webhooks API enables users to trigger alerts such as email alerts when assets are ready.

For publishers, WoodWing offers the ultimate solution for content production and publishing, by combining Elvis DAM with our Multichannel Content Creation solution Enterprise.  While Elvis DAM supports in storing, managing and retrieving an unlimited number of digital assets, Enterprise streamlines your complete content production and publishing process.

Simple and Sophisticated File Management

Find Easily

Search, browse and filter intuitively. Powered by Elvis DAM’s built-in Elasticsearch technology.  Start finding instead of searching. Whether you have thousands of marketing files or an archive of millions, Elvis helps to quickly search, filter and drill down search results so you get the file you were looking for.

Elasticsearch is the most popular search engine on the market and is used by names such as Facebook, Netflix and Wikipedia.


Enrich and categorize your files with metadata, taxonomies and flags.  The true value of your intellectual property is enhanced by proper categorization of your files. Whether it’s for re-use of licensed images or for monetizing your archived content, proper metadata makes sure you get the maximum out of your files.

Elvis allows you to manage over 400 metadata fields and supports the international metadata standards (IPTC, EXIF, XMP, Dublin core). In addition, you can create an unlimited number of custom metadata fields to help you store non-standard information.

Built-in taxonomy support helps you to organize assets using a predefined, hierarchical tree of classifications. This assists with unified classification and a reduction of errors.

Would you like all of your final designs visualized in one screen, or an instant overview of expired images? Flags can visualize an asset’s status, expiry date or copyright.

Folders and Collections

The structure of folders, and flexibility of collections, help you to organize files in any way possible.  The Elvis folders help you to organize and store your files in a structured way, a concept common to everyone. Existing file servers or archives can be imported and Elvis will keep the current structure. Alternatively, you can build a new folder structure from scratch.

Collections serve a more temporary purpose, such as a project that needs to be kept together, designs that need to be shared or a photoshoot that needs to be uploaded. You can gather files from anywhere in Elvis and create, share or download a collection. Files can be in multiple collections without being duplicated and shared collections will automatically update when changes are made.

Control Permissions

As an asset manager, you get full control over what your Elvis DAM users can do you with your files.  Intellectual property, embargo dates or licensing are important for any digital asset manager. Elvis gives you extensive control over who can see, edit or use your assets.

Permissions can be configured to determine who can view, download or edit digital assets. These can be applied on a general folder level, and more specifically on metadata fields like status, copyright, date or a geographical restriction. Built-in watermarking helps you to identify the usage permissions.

Share and Distribute Anywhere

Brand Portal

An elegant and branded portal where your local offices can find all the materials they need.  Distribute final marketing materials quickly to the right people, and eliminate repetitive requests for a certain banner, product shot or demo movie. With the Elvis Brand portal your local marketing teams, stores or subsidiaries get easy access to the latest materials through the self-servicing portal.

The Elvis Brand portal can easily be styled in your corporate identity, making it seamless and on-brand at the same time.

On-The-Fly Renditions

Do you need your file in a specific resolution or in a different format? With Elvis you can download just the version you need.  While the final versions of your marketing materials may be organized, sometimes people need a different resolution, size or file format. Within Elvis they can create the desired version of the banner or product shot.

You can create presets for most-wanted versions such as a version for web, or a print ready version. Next to that, users can also set their own download specifications.

Publish Anywhere

Final versions of files can be published to your CMS, Webshop or PIM, based on the criteria you provide.  Whether it’s a collection of product shots under embargo, a new brochure or a photo shoot that’s ready to go, the Elvis API can push your final assets to destinations like a Web CMS, E-Commerce or a PIM system when you want it to.

The Elvis DAM API’s ensure that when assets are in the right approval status, they are automatically pushed to the right system.

Enterprise-Grade Software

Trusted Security

Elvis DAM provides Enterprise-grade security.  Elvis DAM has passed security tests based on the Web Application Scan Checklist and the Server Scan Checklist, performed by Pine Digital Security.

During these security tests the application is manually tested by an ethical hacker, supported by their tools. The tester makes sure that all items on these checklists are checked, ensuring a transparent and replicable test.

Single Sign-On

Elvis DAM supports Single sign-on (SSO), enabling users to use a single login for all of their applications.  Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that allows a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. Within the session, a user can also change applications without the need to login again.

Elvis DAM uses SAML, an XML-based standard for browser-based SSO, which works together with Active Directory for user profile management.

The Best Elvis DAM Solution for Your Business

Every business and organization has different requirements. CyanGate aims to provide a solution that meets your business requirements, creates ROI and scales with you to meet future business needs.  Since 2007, CyanGate has provided digital asset management solution for a variety of organizations (ranging from retail, media, broadcasting, consumer product goods, life sciences, manufacturing, public sector and education) and organization sizes (from small teams to the Fortune 500).  We leverage the best practices and a solid DAM implementation methodology. Our team are on hand to listen to your business needs, provide a solution recommendation, arrange a demo, create a proof of concept or answer any specific questions you may have.

Contact Us See Our Past Projects

  • We had a great partner in CyanGate. Throughout the entire implementation process they were really considerate of our corporate needs and gave us enough time.

    Abby Edwards, Marketing Communication Specialist at Drees Homes


Elvis DAM has the most modern technology stack in the DAM landscape. Elasticsearch and clustering ensure almost infinite scalability for any scenario, including the most demanding ones.

Elvis DAM can run on-premise on any server OS. It can also be deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a private cloud solution (PaaS). The Elvis Web client works on all major browsers.

Whether it’s for pulling information from Elvis or pushing assets to other systems, the Elvis APIs enable any kind of 3rd-party system integration, like CMS, MDM, PIM, E-commerce and more. Client plug-ins allow for the creation of custom functionality in the Web UI, directly working in the context of asset selections.

General Architecture Elvis DAM

Caters for Small Teams to Large Organizations

Elvis DAM is built to scale with your organization. You could be a small marketing department or creative team with the need to share marketing assets. Or you’re a large organization with large volumes of incoming images, and many teams (in-house or outsourced) creating marketing collateral  and producing images. Or your volume of assets could be huge: 50 million assets that you need to archive, manage and distribute.

These different scenarios can result in specific needs

  • Powerful search, with quick and relevant search results.
  • The ability to quickly preview a wide variety of file formats.
  • Adaptable storage capacity and performance.

The Elvis DAM architecture has been designed to cater for all these needs. It allows you to individually scale search performance, processing power and storage capacity.

You may choose a single server setup, which is already powerful enough for a  marketing department or small creative team. It can be set up quickly and is easy to maintain. When your company’s needs are much more demanding or ever-growing, Elvis DAM can be clustered.

How Elvis DAM Scalability Works

  • Powered by ElasticSearch, which is the most powerful search engine in the market and is used by well-known companies such as Wikipedia and Netflix. You can increase search performance and availability, by adding multiple search nodes in your Elvis cluster.
  • When files are imported in Elvis, thumbnails and previews are generated. You can distribute the preview generation load over multiple processing nodes when you import a large amount of digital assets on a daily basis.
  • When requirements change, you can simply add or remove search and processing nodes.
  • There are no large upfront hardware investments when Elvis DAM nodes are deployed in AWS - start small and grow bigger when needed.
  • Use different types of storage with Elvis DAM. Either choose local machine storage for a simple setup, SAN or NAS solutions for fast access, or unlimited and scalable cloud storage. Amazon S3 is supported.
  • A cluster of Elvis DAM application servers also safeguards the availability of the system. When one server fails, other servers in the cluster can take over its job.

Supported Platforms

Runs on your system of preference

Elvis On-Premise runs on any popular server OS in the market, which means you have no dependency on the platform. Your Elvis server(s) can also be deployed in AWS to create a Private Cloud (PaaS) setup.

Platform specifics

  • Supported server operating systems: Cent OS, Windows, OSX, AWS Linux.
  • HTML5 Web clients.
  • Integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
  • Available languages include English, Chinese (traditional & simplified), Dutch, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Spanish​, Turkish.

APIs for Custom Integrations


By using the Elvis REST API, developers can easily retrieve any kind of data from Elvis DAM. All Elvis DAM features can be approached via the API. This allows you to build integrations such as:

  • A Web CMS accessing Elvis assets to publish on your website.
  • A PIM system retrieving product shots to store alongside product information.
  • An E-commerce site that pulls the latest and accurate product shots from Elvis.
  • An editorial system that can search for editorial content in your DAM.
  • From within an online editing tool, search and use the right assets in your design.

Features of the REST API include

  • Search assets, including metadata, original files and previews.
  • Manage assets, including upload, update, delete, copy and move.
  • Manage folders and collections.
  • Manage share links.

Webhooks API

Elvis also features a Webhooks API, which enables real-time event-driven integrations. It gives you more control and additional integration capabilities including

  • Real-time enrichment of metadata by integrating an AI service like Clarifai or Google.
  • User notifications when a file has been changed or added, for example via email or Slack.
  • Live sync of Elvis with another system, for example to push the latest product shots to a PIM.
  • Multichannel content production and syndication with solutions like Enterprise.

The webhooks API acts on triggers such as

  • File events: upload, metadata changes, check-in, delete, etc.
  • Folder events: create, copy, move.
  • Share link events: create, delete.

Full a full overview and description of all Elvis DAM API capabilities, visit the Help Center.

Client plugins

Tailor the User Interface (UI)

The Elvis Web client supports client plug-ins, in which custom functionality can be built for the Elvis User Interface. The plugin will work within the context of one or more selected assets in the UI.

Examples of custom functionality that can be built with a plug-in

  • Show data from an external system for selected assets, e.g. product information from a Product Information System (PIM).
  • Perform a specific action on selected assets, e.g. export assets to a CMS, PIM or E-commerce platform.
  • Search for related assets in 3rd-party sources and add them to Elvis.

Below are example of custom Elvis DAM plugins leveraged at Delta Faucet that integrate Elvis DAM, Stibo PIM and Jahia CMS.

Delta Faucet Elvis DAM Integration Plugins In Detail

To learn more about the possibilities offered by plug-ins, visit the Help Center

Integration With Your Current Technologies

Elvis Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows you to integrate with other software solutions to help you get the most out of your digital asset library – and make working with it, a whole lot easier - and streamline other business processes.  Here are a few examples:

  • Integrating Elvis DAM and PIM can automate metadata tagging saving staff time and increasing the accuracy of the information.
  • Integrating DAM and CMS saves time by enabling the web team to access only approved assets.  Likewise, web analytic information can be passed from the CMS to the DAM to provide DAM user valuable usage data.
  • Integrating Elvis DAM and AI Image recognition tools enables users to leverage AI to automate asset tagging thus saving time.

View Elvis DAM's Integrations

Adobe Creative Cloud

The power of InDesign and Photoshop is now combined with easy to use file management in Elvis DAM. Simply open InDesign and Photoshop layouts straight from the Elvis DAM web client, and drag ‘n drop images into your layout space. All edits made to your layout, and to your images, are automatically saved as versions in Elvis DAM. And you don’t have to save files locally to edit them.


With the Elvis DAM plugin for WordPress your Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution will appear as a media-browser in the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor of Wordpress. Search and browse for digital assets in the DAM from Wordpress, and place them straight into your article or web page.


Jahia offers an integration between Elvis DAM and Jahia CMS enabling web admins to access approved assets within Elvis DAM from within the CMS.

Enfocus Switch

When combining the Integrated Enfocus Switch with Elvis DAM, you’re creating a flexible automation platform that’s easy to configure. Operations like image edits, uploads/downloads, routing files to other systems and more are now easily automatable.


Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging helps enrich your images with metadata tags. Via the integration of Elvis DAM with Clarifai you can batch-tag existing (and backlogged) archives or select asset collections for tagging within categories (specialized models) like food, celebrity, landmarks and more.

Amazon Rekognition

Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging helps enrich images with metadata tags. Search, verify, and organize millions of images via the Amazon Rekognition integration. Detect objects, scenes, and faces in images and compare faces, recognize celebrities, and identify inappropriate content.

Google Vision

Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging that helps enrich your images with metadata tags. From label detection, landmark detection, character recognition and more - you can easily tag broad sets of objects in your images when integrated with Elvis DAM.


The integration of Elvis DAM with OpenCalais allows for automatic tagging of your text-based documents saved in Word, Incopy or PDF format. Added to that, the entity and topic metadata creates a greater search experience by making your documents more focused and contextual.


Elvis DAM integrated with WoodWing’s Enterprise delivers an end-to-end solution for channel-neutral content creation. Easily access all your images during the creation process and drag ‘n drop them in your editor. Elvis DAM also automatically archives all produced layouts, text and images for easier re-use of content.


The integration of Elvis DAM with 2imagine makes the process of creating local-market materials – that always meet global brand standards – seamless. When editing marketing content in 2imagine, simply browse for the right logos and images to use in your designs, and eliminate using the wrong ones in only a few clicks.


Elvis DAM integrated with EasyCatalog helps you produce catalogs faster by having all your product images and descriptions stored in one place. EasyCatalog manages your catalog templates and then automatically generates the catalog pages with your images and descriptions placed in the right spot.


CyanGate has a custom integration for Elivis DAM enabling Salesforce.com users to access assets stored in Elvis DAM within Salesforce.com

Custom Integrations

With Elvis DAM's flexible APIs (REST, SOAP and Webhook) Elvis DAM can be integrated into your business systems.  Contact us to learn more.

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Elvis DAM Documentation

Information for Elvis DAM is contained on the Elvis DAM - Help Center to provide users and administrators up to date information about Elvis DAM.

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Have a  question or require additional help?  CyanGate is happy to help you.  CyanGate can talk to you about the Elvis DAM technical aspects and system requirements, setup recommendations, configuration, integrations and best practices.  Contact us for more information.

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