Elvis DAM serves as the digital asset management solution for companies and organizations ranging from a departmental solution to an enterprise solution. Elvis DAM customers are in different industries such as publishing, retail, creative, marketing, media, manufacturing, education, apparel, government and not-for-profit.  See how Elvis DAM provided these customers with a return on investment (ROI) and how your organization may benefit.

Carlsen Verlag

Mizzima Media Group

Detailresult Group

Bauer Media

YamahaHubertCalifornia State UniversityHome DepotinquirerWorld of Coca ColaSunflowerAmerican LegionCharter HouseConde NastIPC"WurthHappinezFashionIMPBauerCarlsenLyondel BasellCollege BoardSapling LearningSchuterAir AsiaPottery DirectOlive MediaSoicher-marinKSMRingierKluwerWorldThe ChronicleJakartaBig AssApnIngersollUpper RoomNepcPasificLarazonPiperMizzimaThiermanSkySmurfsKontanYaffaDekaLibrosyUrban Ministry
Columbia UniversityOld CastleArnavutkoy"The Grand National Asssembly of TurkeyAmerican ApparelTana Bana

Elvis DAM Documentation

Information for Elvis DAM is contained at two locations for customers - the WoodWing Community Site and the Elvis DAM - Help Center to provide users and administrators up to date information about Elvis DAM.

CyanGate can talk to you about the Elvis DAM technical aspects and system requirements, setup recommendations and best practices.  Contact us for more information on these topics:

  • System Requirements
  • Server Clustering
  • API (REST and SOAP Services)
  • Installation and Upgrade Instructions
  • User Guide
  • Administration Guide
  • Workflow configuration
  • Content management
  • Bundled plugins and Third-Party Integrations
  • Desktop Client and Web Client Information